19 January 2013


"Resistance is futile" said the evil Borg, before proceeding to assimilate their victims by implanting them with all sorts of cybernetic gadgets, which they would henceforth depend on. As a devout Star Trek fan, I have resisted the collective pressure for many years.

But no more. As of this weekend, I am firmly tethered to an Android device. And just as a Borg assimilation would, it has already started changing my life.

If for the better is hard to say. But it certainly brings a great range of new possibilities. The nifty phone connects to Wifi, talks to satellites to find out where it is, synchronizes with everything I have stored on my computer and even controls my stereo system. It locates the nearest Bixi station, let's me video-chat with Europe and checks me in for flights. It would even count the calories in my shopping basket - but I don't.

Do I really need a device to tell me that I am standing at the corner of my street, you may ask. Is it really necessary for me to be able to turn on the radio at home while I'm on the bus to get there? And have I really missed seeing a picture of the person calling me when the phone rings?

No. I never did. But it is mighty cool. And so I am now going down that path that I have mocked others for treading so many times in the past: I am fabricating my justification for owning a gadget. It saves me firing up my laptop for every little message. It's great when travelling. It combines the functions of the traditional phone with my beloved Palm Pilot (RIP). And most importantly, it spares me the sorry looks from my entire social sphere.

So there you have it. I have surrendered. And now, if you'd excuse me. I need to recharge. 


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