27 June 2009


Surprised to see me blog? Well, so am I! Meticulous as I have planned my move from Switzerland to Montréal, this was one thing I had certainly not forseen. And yet, here I am, two months to the day into my overseas adventure, and exactly one week from moving into my own apartment. A lot of things have happened since I got here, and I have tried to update you, dear friends, with various personal emails.

While I am definitely looking forward to continuing these email exchanges, just as much as phone calls and yes, even physical letters, I have nonetheless decided to follow
Käde's suggestion of using this platform for semi-regular updates, anectotes and impressions of life here in Québec - or wherever I end up at!

You can comment on my posts and follow this blog with an RSS reader, or by simply returning to this page every now and then. None of this, however, will do any good unless I actually write something in the first place. I'll try my best! ;-) For now though, I'll return to learning Swedish in anticipation of my trip to a big, blue store in the suburbs next week... wish me luck!

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