18 December 2009


I am not aware of an adequate translation for the title to this post. But indeed it seems as if the past few weeks went by faster than kids manage to open the little doors on their advent calendars, and now the holidays are almost here. As of today, it seems that the pre-holiday rush is at last giving way to the more laid-back atmosphere of seeing friends, wining and dining out, and generally being merry. The gifts have been bought (or ordered through the web, as you do these days), the Christmas cards sent and the candles lit. Bring out the Glühwein, please.

The falling temperatures (hovering around a cozy -18C as I write) may have encouraged pedestrians to hurry up, but at the same time they seemed to slow down the pace at work, and even those still physically present appear to be mentally away. Over lunch today, a real sit-down one at that, holiday travel plans were discussed and it occured to me that I will for the first time join the cohort of people travelling home for Christmas to see their families. It will be an interesting experience, and I am definitely eager to go, humming sugary Xmas tunes while counting the hours.

Before heading east across the big water though, one last business jaunt will take me west to the Twin Cities early next week (and no, I did not pick the destination because it's home to America's largest shopping mall). I call this my winter wonderland trip, because it will see me attempting two close connections through ORD. I am seriously wondering if I will succeed or be stranded in Chicago along with the masses of holiday travellers - in which case I guess my only hope to get to Switzerland in time for Bescherung would be hitching a ride on Santa's sledge. Unless of course he has had his own run-ins with the vagaries of air travel...

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