05 May 2010

Climate change

Remember my last post? I wrote it last Tuesday, while there was snow on the ground, and an icy wind blew through the city. Yesterday, I bought a big fan to cool down my apartment.

Yes, the climate change over the last few days has been quite dramatic. The snow went as quickly as it came, and revealed nature in full bloom. Suddenly, the evenings are long, the trees are green and the grass is growing (never mind the lawn mowers adding their soundtrack to that of crickets and chirping birds). Dandelions push through the cracks (of which there are many) in the sidewalk, and the squirrels happily munch on my garbage bags. Oh, wait, they do this all year round...

Local friends have told me that Montréalers, much like Scandinavians, are particularly enthused by these wonderful days of spring, as they usually come after a long and joyless winter. Initially, I thought of this as a hopeless overstatement, but now I can vouch for it to be true. Strolling down Rue Ste-Catherine last Saturday afternoon, drifting along in this current of springtime emotions, I was still coherent enough to notice lots of students proudly parading their summer shorts and skirts for the first time - never mind the drizzle, it's time now!

The next day, stepping out of my apartment mid-morning, it hit me like a wall: The drizzle had gone, but the humidity had certainly stayed and, along with the radiant sunshine, created a climate more appropriate for a mediterranean summer's day. Down by the Canal Lachine, people were laying in the grass, having picnics and taking the pedalos on their maiden voyage. With every sudatory step, with every breath we sucked up this intoxicating scent of summer.

Good thing I'd gotten ready. Recent acquisitions include not just said fan to alleviate some of the pain when, in the coming months, the nights will be tropical again. I've also gotten hold of two balcony chairs and eagerly await the balcony to be renovated this month. And this Saturday, it's the beginning of the pre-season at the wondeful (and heated, this is Canada after all) 50m outdoor pool. Season tickets, anyone? I'm walking on sunshine...


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