04 January 2011


I will not eat less. I will not go to the gym more often. And I will not stop smoking. (Ah, wait, I never smoked to begin with.) All these typical New Year's resolutions rarely ever lead to a sustained change in behavior, although I am convinced that the university gym I swim at will be busy for the first few weeks of the year.

However, as I crossed the Atlantic yesterday on my way to a new year in Montréal, it occured to me that I should nonetheless set myself some objectives for the time to come. With the initial challenge and excitement of a move overseas slowly giving way to a Canadian routine, a bit of fresh stimulus can't hurt, right?

So what should it be? Sipping tea and glancing at the clouds, a few things came to mind. Resolution #1, "soft-launched" over the last few weeks but stated policy as of 2011, is that I will insist on speaking French in groups where no native Anglophone is present. This is not only in compliance with Québec's strict language laws, but should also prepare me linguistically for resolution #2: To attend a business training course at HEC Montréal in French.

But worry not, mes chers lecteurs, this little enRoute journal will not switch language just yet. Resolution #3 merely states that I shall continue to blog in regular intervals (note the nicely vague wording on this). The author can probably be encouraged to keep this resolution by his esteemed readership's frequent use of the comment function.

If there is any spare time left, it should be spent in accordance with resolution #4, which stipulates that I am to try one of the two winter sports appropriate for the local terrain, i.e. snowshoeing or cross country skiing. And before you ask, I did consider curling but I think my nerves would not stand the sheer excitement and thrill of it...

Finally, there obviously needs to be a resolution related to travel. With trips to several continents already booked, it's the closer-to-home things that will be a challenge. But under resolution #5, I shall endeavour to visit at least one Canadian province I've never been to. Except of course if Québec becomes independent in 2011, in which case I'd visit a new country without moving at all.

Knowing the humble and introvert nature of yours truly, you will already be expecting me to brag about the achievements as they come. And should you notice a strange silence about any of the resolutions... well, then that's one for the eat, gym, smoke contingent!


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