12 February 2010

Rubber ducky

Each religion has its treasured relics. They are icons and incarnations of the beliefs, the hopes and aspirations associated with the faith in question. One of the relics of my religion of choice is a rubber ducky. Not just any ordinary bathroom accessory, mind you, but a rather particular bird in mustard yellow, with "Lufthansa First Class Terminal" tatooed across its chest (well, duck breast, really). It has been featured in a recent Condé Nast article about my tribe, entitled "The Triumph of the Air Warriors". And today, I've hunted one down.

I am typing these lines from a comfy recliner leather seat in that famed luxury space in Frankfurt, having arrived this morning in First Class from Houston, and continuing on to London if the weather permits. Snow has been wreaking havoc on my travel plans so far, first forcing me to avoid New York as an overnight stop, and now requiring me to avoid Munich on my way to London, where I am hoping to meet up with friends for a few short days.

Of course, there would have been much more simple routes to get to London. But they would not have been as rewarding to my mileage account (and my waistline, I am tempted to think). And they would not have provided me with an opportunity for this duck hunt, either! So indeed, I am combining the enjoyable with the useful on this trip, which has become a veritable "mileage run" while all the same giving me a chance to meet with friends I cherish.

If you would excuse me now, my ride to the next aircraft is waiting...


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