21 September 2009

Auf und davon

For those of you with at least a basic understanding of Schwyzertütsch, here's a TV program worth considering: "Auf und davon" is a five part series following Swiss emigrants as they leave their native country and seek their fortune elsewhere. Once they have aired, all five episodes can be watched online.

From Australia to Venezuela and from Dubai to, yes, Canada, the portrayed families make very different experiences, to at least some of which I can now relate given my own recent relocation (although I'd like to think that I went about this with a bit less naivety than some of the TV cast). Funnily enough, the guy moving to Congo to teach journalism there happens to have been one of my professors back at university when I was studying communication sciences. It seems that his teaching style has not changed much, and I wonder if his faux jovial attitude is more successful in Africa than it was in Winterthur?

Will the golf course groundkeepers from Aargau prevail as cattle farmers in Manitoba (at least they probably wear white socks and sandals there, too)? How will the Emirates pilot's family fare in the desert Disneyland of Dubai? And can a RhB train driver really expect to have his real estate transactions honoured in Hugo Chavez' banana republic? Me, I'll stay tuned!

P.S. Did I already mention that I caved in and have added the "Uf und dervo" theme song to my repertoire, previously stricly off limits to singing Büezer Gölä?

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